How to become a CAP Pilot: It’s not just another flying club!


  • –Take the annual 60-1 examination within 60 days prior to your check ride
  • –Take the Cadet Orientation exam (200 hrs)
  • –Take the ROTC exam (300 hrs)
  • –To participate as a pilot for TOP (Teacher Orientation Program), you will need a Commercial license
  • –flights Upload: License, medical, FAA Wings, Statement of Understanding
  • –Complete a Cross country flight plan (50+miles)
  • –Prepare a W & B
  • –Calculate take-off, cruise and landing numbers
  • –Prepare Operational Risk Management (ORM)
  • –Review Weather/Airspace

During the Check Ride:

  • –Wear a uniform, Flight suit preferred
  • –Bring: CAP ID, logbook w/ BFR endorsement, FAA license and medical; O’ride and ROTC syllabi, if appropriate
  • –New CAPF 5 partially completed
  • –CAP aircraft questionnaires completed for all aircraft you wish to fly
  • –For Instrument: charts, plates and view limiting device
  • –POH “bold face” items memorized and working knowledge of systems
  • –Review CAP 60-1
  • –Know airspeeds and Emergency procedures

After the Check Ride:

  • –Scan/Upload to eServices: Airplane questionnaires and signed CAPF 5
  • –Enter check ride date for validation by the check pilot
  • –Enter CAPF 5 into the FAA Wings program

–Congratulations! You’re Done! Now on to the Form 91 Mission Pilot check ride.